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Sex without a clearance. Why in Russian schools there are no classes in sex education

Секс без просвета. Почему в российских школах нет уроков полового воспитания

Introduction at schools of lessons of sex education support 60% of Russians — this is according to the poll. Against sex education — only 3% of respondents. Earlier, talking with students about sex, suggested Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova: in particular, she stated that we need to teach children about contraception. The Minister of education Olga Vasilyeva initiative Golikova dismissed: “Sensitive topics with your child should discuss only the parents,” she said. Arseny Sobolewski explains why instill the sexual culture of the young generation was so difficult not only in Russia but in the West, and also remembered the most dangerous and enduring myths about sex and contraception.

The topic of sex education in school was trying to promote in the era of Gorbachev’s perestroika and in dashing 90-e but to no avail. Sexual enlightenment against the Church, and Puritan teachers. World-renowned Soviet and Russian sexologist Igor Kon, whom the author knew personally, told me how it even tried to prosecute for “corruption of minors”. “Corruption” was the fact that the sexologist in materials to educate adolescents mentioned the word “clitoris”. The prosecution has been able to reject the logical argument: if teenagers don’t know what a clitoris is, it cannot corrupt. And if you know they are already “corrupted” without the participation of Igor Kon.

In subsequent years, for the sake of the chastity of the younger generation in schools cut sections of the anatomy, which contained at least some facts about sexual life. Some of the “rescuers” saw in sex education almost a threat to national security. In released a few years ago the book “Project Russia” in all seriousness, it was alleged that “the CIA is killing Russia by planting sex education.” It’s funny, but the same was said and some of the patriots of America half a century ago. Only instead of CIA he imagined “Soviet threat”. In 1969 the leader of the American right-wing Robert Welch argued that school sex education is a “dirty Communist plot to undermine the spiritual health of America’s youth.”

Among people who oppose sex education, and the most common objection is: “But what is there to learn? Where to shove it, and so we know! Us, no one taught”. What can one say? People, unlike animals, their life processes adds culture. After all that food to put in your mouth, not in the ear, also all know. However, there is a culture of behavior at the table. And it has long been taught! No one is surprised and asks why this is necessary. Because everyone understands that food can be absorbed nicely, and can be dirty, as a pig. Similarly, in the intimate sphere, where, as you know, the subtleties and nuances much more than the meal.


In 1964 the guys on liter of blood was 14 milligrams of testosterone, and today is already 18. It is 3 times more than adults


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“The lessons need to talk about the psychology of sexual life. Teens know when love life brings joy. Boys often do not realize that the girl before sex should be prepared: to kiss, to caress, to talk to her some gentle words. They’re in a hurry to get to the point, and then are indignant: “She, the cow feels nothing…”, says the doctor-sexologist, candidate of medical Sciences Alexander Poleev. Even if each school we will put on a three police and two Ministers of the Church, the process of acceleration will not slow down. In 1964 conducted the first study of adolescents in Moscow at the presence of sexual hormone testosterone. Then guys its concentration was 14 milligrams per liter of blood, and now, 18. That’s a lot, three times more than adults. If now a Mature man to give 18 mg of testosterone, he’s going to have intercourse, no matter who. Every year the level of hormones in adolescents is slowly increasing. No one denies the existence of intimate life, but somehow do not consider it necessary to give the school at least basic knowledge about it. This complete lack of logic”.

In all ages, love, family and sexual life was very important for any person. In ancient times, people even worshiped the sexual sphere, but then began to consider it dirty and corrupt. People are drowning in the ocean of pornography and sexual culture, almost no one develops. In the world there are many museums of erotica, but there is no systematic Museum of the history of the family and sexual culture. Sex education in the West more scares than attracts — the lessons usually primitive and only affect basic physiological processes, the problems of protection from pregnancy and diseases, but are also taught that tolerance of same-sex relationships. Many parents often do not know what to answer to the children on the question of birth. Although the simplest way can be called the lessons of sex education Lessons of Love. This name is more pleasant for everyone: for students, for parents and for the strict puritans may also. You need a child to raise demographic consciousness and to inspire the conservation of nation and national culture depends not only on folk songs and dances, but from the love of their time not even conceived offspring.

Primitive sex education in the West is largely due to the lack of a strong scientific base a serious and systematic research in this area. It was said Judith Mackay, a doctor of sexology, senior Advisor to the world health organization in its report, “Sexuality and sexual behaviour in the modern world”. Unfortunately, in modern Europe there is no comprehensive center like the Institute for sexual science Hirschfeld, existed in 20-30 years in Berlin and the destruction of Hitler. In the same Germany the only scientifically-the medical centre is the Institute of sexology, established in Frankfurt am main and later moved to Hamburg. It is symbolic that this research center was included in the psychiatric clinic. It eloquently suggests a place that is removed there is sex and sexual culture.

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In Russia and lived a very fruitful work of the world famous sexologist Igor Kon, but specialized research centers we had. In 2009 in Kaliningrad has been the Institute for sexual culture and family. However, suggestions of experts to create a systematic Museum of the history of sexual culture and family, to establish the relevant Department at the University and to release the tutorial did not find support. In the end, the Institute has published several books, took part in the creation of a television movie on REN TV and quietly died due to zero funding. As the headstone was only a website sex-prosvet.ru where you can find a video talk show about sexual culture and sexual education with the participation of Igor Kon.

The problem is solved hundred years

“Sexy gleam in schools must start from 12-13 years. Otherwise, we will be increasingly faced with such excesses, such as early pregnancy. Not uncommon for this age (births) now stands at 14 years”, — these words were written in red feminist, a Soviet public figure, the first ever female Minister Alexandra Kollontai almost a hundred years ago, but still has not lost its relevance for Russia — in the number of abortions and early pregnancies we are now ahead of the entire planet. In France a thousand students and 3.5 of pregnancy in Germany — 5, Russia — 34 cases. Such dismal results just promotes the lack of sexual education.

For example, is still alive the myth that without fear of becoming pregnant you can have sex five days before menstruation and five days after. Or another common misconception: just this once, nothing will happen. According to surveys, today, more than 50% of graduates of Moscow schools have had sexual experience. Debut occurs most often in high school. In Paris, for example, the average age of onset of intimate life — 13 years of age, the earliest among European countries. In his time in the United States has spent $1 billion on the promotion of sexual abstinence among students. Then conducted a survey and found that age of first sex among program participants 15 years — exactly the same as those who ignored her. It turns out that a billion is thrown to the wind— basic instinct got the better of the lectures.

Although sex education in Russia, the administration of many advanced private schools invite professors, sexologists and lectures. High school students relate to these lessons seriously. On change of sexual savagery should come sexual culture. And it is clear that it will not come by itself — we need to teach it.

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