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She admitted to treason: a Muscovite who shot his wife revealed a motive

As MK managed to find out, 53-year-old businessman Vladimir (engaged in furniture assembly) lived with his 39-year-old wife Nana for 19 years. Both have Georgian roots. The couple has an adult son, who studies and lives separately from their parents. Most of the time the head of the family was in the Samara region, where he has a business. Nana also worked as a realtor in the company of a friend. Perhaps it was precisely because of the distance that the couple recently had a crisis in relations. Not so long ago, Vladimir arrived home. On September 12, the couple had a serious quarrel. The man accused Nana of infidelity. The woman could not endure such an insult and announced that she was leaving. Seeing that his wife was walking towards the door, Vladimir, in a fit of rage, took out a gun and overtook her in the hallway. From the combat “TT” the jealous fired two shots: first in the chest and “control” in the temple. After that, he invited a family friend to his place – by the nature of the director of the pharmacy, who called the police.

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As Vladimir himself said, Nana allegedly admitted to treason and after that he could not control himself. The man has no documents on the weapon, in his words, the gun went to him from his grandfather. Relatives of the murdered woman stated that Vladimir had “a roof off” because of jealousy, and Nana was a faithful and good wife.

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The press service of the GSU SK in Moscow told MK that a criminal case had been opened against the suspect under the article “Murder”.


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