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Speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin has explained the Bulk of the apartment

Спикер Госдумы Вячеслав Володин пояснил Навальному за квартиру

The head of the state Duma said that his mother bought the property for their own personal funds.


The official decided to meet the head of the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny, who was arrested yesterday for 30 days, it will be published about the discovery of a 400-meter apartment, which, according to the opposition, is owned by the mother of the speaker of the State Duma.

According to the Deputy, Lydia Barabanova purchased the property for the funds which were received after the sale of the shares in the business, the rights to which transferred at her sister Volodina about 10 years ago.

As reported Volodin, his mother is from 1999 and owned with him a company, “Solar products”, by the way, which is among the three largest manufacturers of mayonnaise and sunflower oil. According to officials, in 2007, he, together with his mother has decided to sell its stake in the company, which was at that time almost a third of the entire stake to his partner Vladislav Burova.

For selling shares Volodin’s mother received about $ 200 million. Half of this amount Volodin gave the mom who decided to get them out of the apartment.

Earlier, the FCO has published another investigation in which the staff of the Fund was discovered flat, they estimate a total cost of 230 million rubles, in a luxury residential complex “White Swan” in the capital of Russia. The apartment was registered to a citizen Barabanova that many media outlets, previously called the mother of the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin. Navalny also said that the mother of the officer almost all his life worked as a teacher in high school. That is, even if you add up all its revenues for all time to buy such expensive property she’s just not.

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Volodin said that has no idea how much mom paid for the purchase of an apartment, but obviously, at the time of purchase it cost several times cheaper than at the moment. As it turned out, Lydia Barabanova purchased the property at the time of the construction of the LCD, which is cheaper than buying an apartment in the already built house. However, the Bulk, when publishing its investigation showed the documents from the Unified state register, which States that the right of ownership was registered in 2011 and not in 2008 as stated Volodin.

On the question of the possession of his mother business in the Smolensk region (as reported by Navalny owns several enterprises in the region, including the agricultural purpose “beaver), the official said that many of his relatives have their own business in the Smolensk region, that is their right.

According to the Declaration, which state officials publish once a year, it is clear that Volodin is one of the leaders of these lists. So, last year the Deputy has declared income of more than 51 million roubles a year earlier to 62 million rubles. In 2015, the income of a Deputy amounts to 87 million rubles. According to sources close to the speaker, such income attributable to the investment of funds in securities. Sources also report that about half of the money spent on charity.

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