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Tajik labor migrants is Russia go to Turkey

Таджикские трудовые мигранты вместо России едут в Турцию

In the hallway of the seventh floor located in Istanbul the Hotel Malkoc from time to time from behind the door of one of rooms sounds executable to Persian songs. That is what has been suggested here recently, the reporter Eurasianet.org that the guest staying in this room for a long time, originally from Tajikistan. Takhmina Hatamova – representative of the growing army of Tajik citizens who have decided to go to Turkey instead of Russia.

Russia is a country where visitors are engaged in demoralizing the hard work, where stricter immigration laws, and the police systematically bullied foreign labor migrants, extorting bribes from them. Every year, thousands of Tajiks deported from there without the right to return. In Turkey, authorities have adopted a more liberal approach.

Hatamova moved to Istanbul three years ago. She lives in the Hotel Malkoc, because it is inexpensive, the broken Elevator is the best demonstration of it is written and located in the heart of the vibrant shopping district of Istanbul – Laleli.

She lives in Spartan conditions. In a small room hardly accommodate all her things. Dressing table half filled with cosmetics and perfumes.

From the late 1990s until 2015 Hatamova lived in Dushanbe, engaged in selling jewelry.

“I have been trading since childhood. We used to work together with my mother, then I started my own business. Believing in yourself, I took out a Bank loan in the amount of $ 100,000,” she says.

With the money she bought gold jewelry for $ 32 per gram. But then disaster struck. Her mother fell ill and died a month later.

“I could not work. I gave my gold to other people for implementation. But they cheated and left me. One went to Russia, the other hid from me. And on top of that, [in 2015], there was a financial crisis. The banks demanded the money back, but I had nothing to return,” she said.

The Bank said that he would have to confiscate the house in which Hatamova lived with her seven children. She was forced to sell their jewelry at $ 26 per gram, and has managed, at least to return the money and to agree on the extension of its credit agreement. After that she moved to Turkey, where it plans to stay at least until then, until will not be able to repay its debts.

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“I’m here, doing the same that I did before – sell gold jewelry in the store. And if the order arrives on the gold of Tajikistan, be it party or personal use, I send him there,” said Hotamov.

As additional earnings Hatamova helps Tajik shuttles driven home for sale products. The more clothes they will RAM in a taped bale, the more money they earn. Podnatorev in this case, Hatamova skillfully pack the goods of the compatriots for a fee.

“Tonight there’s a flight to Dushanbe. We need to send the item, so a bit of a hurry,” said Hotamov. It is estimated that weekly she personally provides this service for about 70 Shuttle.

“They buy cheap goods for the Tajiks, which do not need expensive things. They just can’t afford them. All high-quality products travel to Europe and Arab countries,” she said.

In Istanbul also attracts those who have been deported from Russia. In Aksaray district, home to a large community of Tajiks, who make their living carting, cleaning the streets and working at textile factories. Women usually take jobs as domestic workers and sellers.

As many newcomers work in the informal sector, the number of Tajiks in Turkey we can only speculate.

A special attraction of the Istanbul gives a truly Babylonian confusion of peoples and languages. Therefore, the appearance of the Tajiks do not pay attention.

But they have no illusions about the difficulties.

“If you compare Turkey with Russia, it’s like heaven and earth. There are no permanent check, good people. But even here it is difficult to work legally. I couldn’t register their documents, said Eurasianet.org one Tajik, who was deported from Russia and refused to give his name. – Also, if the Russians are at times ashamed to engage in unskilled labor, then the Turks have no problem with it, so the competition for such work big.”

The instability of the Turkish economy is also fraught with consequences. The average salary is about 1,500 Turkish liras. In the beginning of 2018 it was about $ 500, but as a result of the devaluation of the Lira, this amount was reduced to US $ 280. Many of those whom we help come from Tajikistan, can’t afford to rent a house and sleep in the same workshops, which carry all day.

Certain skills can help ensure the best possible working conditions. 33-year-old Dilafruz rakhmatova moved to Turkey a year ago after she was offered 900 $ a month for a job in a jewelry store.

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“I have always traded gold. My parents were engaged in this business, and I have been doing for the last eight years,” rakhmatova said.

In addition, according to Ahmatovoj, it is not felt necessary to study the Turkish language, since most of the people with whom it deals, is Tajik or Russian-speaking citizens of former Soviet republics, such as Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

For it was not difficult to choose between Russia and Turkey.

“Russia does not offer good salaries. A work permit is very expensive, so even with the knowledge of the language of work was not worth it,” rakhmatova said.

Ahmadjon Muhsinzade, Manager freight company Sugdian Tour, living in Istanbul for the last three years, said the numbers arriving in Turkey, Tajiks is increasing.

“Russia deports people for minor legal violations, tightens immigration laws, and also increases the cost of work permits. In Turkey all gone,” said he.

At freight company Sugdian Tour, which is managed by Akhmadjon Muhsinzade, in addition to the four native of Tajikistan.

In Tajikistan Muhsinzade owned a furniture workshop that employs 12 people. The financial crisis of 2015 has led to a drop in income. And tax collectors began to demand not only more money but also prepayment.

“Revenues did not cover costs, so I was forced to close shop. Most of [my employees] went to work in Russia, and the rest found work in other workshops. I was offered a job in Istanbul, where I moved with my family,” said Muhsinzade.

His company now employs four Tajik.

“If you have all documents in order, here you will not be spammed. In addition, people who open up here, the company will receive tax benefits for a couple of years,” he said.

Thinking about your future, Hatamova not sure she wants to ever return to Tajikistan. Although initially she planned to repay his debts and go home.

“But now I think, “What’s out there for me?”. If I go back and open a business in Tajikistan if I can do it with all the taxes? she said. And I need to take care of the children. My eldest daughter will be married. Too small and you need to put on your feet.”

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