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Telman Ismailov remains in the ranks and fights for his capital

Recall, Kommersant on August 30 reported that Telman Ismailov’s accounts were seized in Switzerland to pay off billions of dollars. The reason is that the Swiss prosecutor’s office is investigating the financial activities of the businessman according to the statement of BM-Bank (formerly Bank of Moscow), the newspaper said.

In a statement, according to Kommersant, it is alleged that the bank provided “from September 2012 to February 2014 three loans totaling more than $ 230 million to companies controlled by Telman Ismailov. … At the same time, the bank believes that, after obtaining loans, Telman Ismailov and the companies controlled by him allegedly began to alienate their property, thereby making it impossible to repay the debt. ”

The businessman gave an interview to the Azerbaijani portal Haqqin.az, in which he rejected the accusations on August 30 and noted that he was credited with companies to which he has nothing to do.

“The persecution of me began in early 2015,” the entrepreneur said. Prior to this, I had no serious problems either with doing business and servicing loans at banks, or with the press, and even less with criminal prosecution.

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The takeover took place, according to Ismailov, shortly before the entrepreneur was going to almost completely close loans to the Bank of Moscow – the debts, according to him, amounted to about 185 million US dollars. For this, the businessman put up for sale two of his objects in Moscow.

However, according to Ismailov, VTB Bank appeared at that moment.

“I tried to agree with the bank on the sale of its assets and the closure of loans. I agreed to realize all the mortgaged property and close the debt. Moreover, in the event of the sale of my property at a higher price, I was ready to pay the bank a sum far exceeding the debt. But what happens next? ”- quotes the entrepreneur Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

And further, according to Ismailov, the bank filed a lawsuit about his bankruptcy, demanding to return the amount of 240 million US dollars.

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According to Ismailov’s estimates, the bank gained control over his property, which was estimated to be significantly higher than the amount of loans granted to him. “This property consisted of huge retail and office centers, generating monthly income of about $ 1 million.”

In addition, “absurd”, according to him, criminal cases on charges of murder of almost 15 years ago are instituted against the businessman himself.

– Lawyers who have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the materials of these trumped-up criminal cases shrug their shoulders and say that they had never seen such “white-thread” cases before! – Ismailov is indignant. – The Swiss prosecutor's office refused to institute criminal proceedings, not finding absolutely anything illegal in my actions. However, if they find money attributed to me, I am ready to give it to Russia.


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