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Tesla Home Solar Panel Can Now Be Hired For $ 50

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Elon Musk promised that 2019 will be the year of “solar roofs,” but in reality, homeowners are in no hurry to install their own solar panels. Therefore, Tesla marketers proposed a new idea: the panels of this company are leased at a symbolic price of $ 50 per piece per month.

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It is stated that the rent includes the whole range of services, from installation to maintenance. However, if you place the panel on your roof easily and simply, then dismantling and returning the rented equipment will cost $ 1,500. At the same time, Tesla does not insist on signing complex contracts for long periods of time and, on the whole, they promise to make the process of renting out “no more difficult than a mouse click”.

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So far, only residents of Arizona, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey or New Mexico can use the service. And you also need to conclude an agreement with one of the twenty utility companies accredited with Tesla, which will also deal with the connection and maintenance of the panels.


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