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The detained blogger revealed the details of the raid on the object of Roscosmos

According to RIA Novosti, the blogger wrote on his page on the social network that he and his comrades decided to visit the building of the Research and Testing Center for the Rocket and Space Industry in the Moscow Region, since they considered the object abandoned. According to him, they were interested in the vacuum test chamber of the Buran model. “Together with one friend I was filming a video report – we are video bloggers. Others took photos, ”Pustovalov said, adding that after the sortie the bloggers intended to“ have a drink in the evening. ”

According to the young man, security noticed the company immediately after entering the territory. Bloggers fled and were detained in the forest.

Pustovalov assured that no one planned to assemble a group of 50 people, initially there were only nine in the chat, "someone took a couple of their friends." According to the blogger, they did not have tools for hacking anything. Of the technology, the young people also did not have anything “interesting” – just cameras, walkie-talkies and a voice recorder.

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“The maximum that was interesting was pepper spray for self-defense,” the blogger added, adding that this was the first object of Roscosmos to which he tried to go. “I realized that they were still following this. And an outwardly abandoned object may be unalloyed, ”Pustovalov concluded, advising like-minded people not to visit such objects,“ and especially the objects of Roscosmos. ”

The blogger also said that one of the participants had warned the police in advance about the impending outing. According to Pustovalov, one of the detainees is indeed a citizen of Ukraine, but the police did not have any questions for him.

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A penalty of 3 thousand rubles was issued to each participant of the sorties, after which everyone was released.

Recall, on September 7, the security service of the Research Institute of the Rocket and Space Industry, which is part of the structure of Roskosmos, detained 14 people while trying to penetrate a sensitive facility. In Roskosmos they said that the detained "group of up to 50 people" was aimed at carrying out "vandal actions in relation to equipment and other illegal actions." The head of the state corporation, Dmitry Rogozin, said that the detainees had “interesting citizenship,” they found “a lot of interesting things.”

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