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The Earth is approaching a 70-meter asteroid

К Земле приближается 70-метровый астероид The Earth is approaching a 70-meter asteroid.

Scientists said that today, September 9, for our planet, nearer the asteroid the size of a seventeen-house, though at a critically short distance (up to 220 thousand km).

The outer body of the 2018 RC astronomers noticed only five days ago. On 6 September, the distance between the earth and the object was one and a half million kilometers.

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The size of the asteroid is impressive: the diameter is about 70 meters, it’s like a seventeen-house. 220 thousand miles – half the distance from our planet to the moon. This fact makes scientists to think seriously about a possible asteroid impact on the Earth.

Experts from NASA, in turn, a little to defuse the situation. If the asteroid does not fall, then, according to them, it can be seen in almost any telescope, even at home with a mirror about ten inches.

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Today is already running the channels broadcast the passage of the asteroid past the Earth.

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