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The Germans in Russia: business and politics

Немцы в России: бизнес и политика

German businessmen do not really count on the flourishing Russian economy, but the domestic market continues to hold on to.


The company in Germany, which work in the Russian Federation, next year do not expect the Russian economy significant progress. Thus, in comparison with the forecasts of the German business over the previous few years their expectations have deteriorated. Last year optimistic on the growth dynamics of the Russian economy were tuned about 78 per cent of businessmen from Germany, but already this year, the ranks of optimists thinned to 41 percent, writes the edition “Kommersant”.

Not encouraging the assessment remains with the Germans and in General the business climate in Russia. According to the newspaper, only slightly more than thirty percent of German businessmen positively evaluate the dynamics of the issue.

Such statistics announced on the eve of East Committee of German economy, together with the Russian-German foreign trade chamber. It is reported that in the survey, which is held annually, was attended by nearly 170 companies. The financial turnover of these companies in the Russian Federation has reached 23 billion euros. Businessmen traditionally asked questions about the nuances of doing business, about the future of the economy of the country, and how Western sanctions affect doing business in Russia.

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It turned out that almost half of the interviewed German business people consider sanctions a key factor that hinders the development of their business. Also noted was an important factor in the fluctuations of the ruble, which 65 percent of respondents believe the negative moment in the development of a healthy business climate.

At the same time, experts note that over the past few years, more than fifty percent of German companies operating in Russia, are for the gradual lifting of sanctions against Russia. Another 43 percent of respondents of German business representatives believed that sanctions should be lifted immediately.

The experts in our study was paid to the sanctions against Russia, which last year introduced the United States of America, without regard to the position of the European States. It is noted that extraterritorial measures in the immediate plan will affect approximately seventeen percent of the respondents. About 36 percent said that sanctions Americans in a negative way have an impact on both the suppliers and customers. At the same time, businessmen in General to note that, despite the difficulties that occur because of the sanctions, to limit its work in Russia wanting a little bit. Such, according to the latest not more than 14 per cent of business representatives of Germany.

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In the commentary edition of one of the participants of German business in Russia, Matthias Schoppsaid that the German business is different than the “long idle is not sitting and crying”. The business is aware that in the current situation sanctions will be delayed for a long time. However, even in these circumstances, the business is looking for new ways of development, exploring new promising areas in the Russian market. Therefore, the German business in Russia, despite the obvious problems with the sanctions and jumps in the ruble manages more or less successfully to feel, the expert explained.

About the same position is shared by representatives of the chamber of Commerce. It is noted that the Germans, although restrained or even negative assessments of the Russian business climate, most of them are still satisfied with their situation.

However, the publication stresses that this survey was conducted among representatives of those companies that plan to stay in the Russian Federation. While the media drew attention to the fact that over the past five years the number of German companies in Russia has fallen to 4965 (in 2013 there were 6167).

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