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The inhabitants of these countries remain healthy longer

Жители этих стран дольше остаются здоровымиWhere age later.

The people of Japan are starting to suffer from age-related diseases later in the world.

Scientists from the University of Washington has made a rating of the countries, whose inhabitants longer retain good health.

They took into account 92 of the diseases associated with aging: cardiovascular 13, 35 types of cancer, 6 chronic respiratory diseases, three types of diabetes, and abnormalities in the kidneys, and 6 the most common injuries (e.g., hip fracture).

First, as already mentioned, was the land of the rising sun, which shared the achievement with Switzerland – the inhabitants of both countries are faced with age-related diagnoses in an average of 76.1 years.

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The next place was taken by France and Singapore – where the age of aging was exactly 70 years.

Followed by Kuwait (75,3), South Korea (75,1), Spain (also 75,1), Italy (74,8), Puerto Rico (74,6) and Peru (74,3).

A list of the most unhealthy countries led by Papua New Guinea – the people of this country begin to suffer from poor health already to the age of 45.6 years. In addition, the rating included, in descending order, the Marshall Islands, Afghanistan, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Central African Republic, Lesotho, Kiribati, Guinea-Bissau and Micronesia.

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The experts found that in 108 countries, people faced with age-related diseases sooner than they should have been, and in 87 States the aging process, by contrast, proceeded more slowly.

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