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The invaluable help that brought Russophobia Russia

Неоценимая помощь, которую принесла русофобия России

We all remember the long Saga of doping used by Russian athletes. Because of this scandal, the Russian team even had to “disguise” the start of the Olympic games, and on all the television channels spoke about the fact that Russia render political pressure. However, a little time has passed since then and the sports Ministry has engaged in the elaboration of the law on toughening of responsibility for doping.

This event was reported in several national media. The changes to the legislation are going to make, in respect of athletes who have agreed to the use of illegal drugs and their coaches with the doctors. If the first risk the loss of assets and income obtained by illegal won the competition, the latter shall be dismissed and obliged to pay compensation.

But, if the relevant Ministry so strongly against doping, then still there is option that the statements of the IOC is not unfounded? And Grigory Rodchenkov could not be a traitor, but a man seeking to protect local athletes from prohibited substances? And along with that comes another conclusion. It turns out that those responsible for the sports field activities of the officials knew what was happening and deliberately concealed the fact of doping. And then, who should believe in all other international scandals?

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However, whatever it was, and in this situation, you can find a positive thing. As you know, many professional athletes use doping in preparation for various sports events. That’s just more often used drugs that have not yet managed to enter the prohibited list. The same thing happened with Russian athletes can be considered not only from the lack of foresight of the actions of the medical and coaching staffs. You should not deny the fact that Russian athletes have drawn much more attention than their counterparts from other countries. And the reason for that was an attempt to influence the Russian government.

And it is this pressure more and more each time forcing Russia to play by the rules in all political and not only disciplines. This means that by such a clear pressure the state has an opportunity to develop absolutely transparent rules of operation, which in the future the country would be altogether impossible to find fault.

Of course, these words are of little consolation. After all, I think every citizen of Russia wanted to have their government itself could see flaws in their work and in the quickest possible time to fix them. But if it now does not work, you should rely on the fact that overseas uncle will be every time face finger. And, again, this is close attention to all the errors of Russia (it is not necessary to deny that the West has not – there just nobody is looking) and will give the desired result. Yeah, let it hurt and it hurts to admit any flaws with his hand, but without them does not happen and progress.

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And maybe soon we will be able to notice the qualitative changes in the structure of governance that will lead to improvement on all fronts. Of course, this process will happen gradually. First, the government itself will be able to notice its flaws, which will make it possible to completely abandon the most Russophobic statements from abroad. And later, when it will form a clearer understanding and proper management on all fronts, to Russia, no one can complain about.

Importantly, doping scandal was just the example which will force the state to work decent for one of the world leaders level. Otherwise, we do not just hear the indictment.

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