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“The killers behaved strangely”: the forensic scientist made out the loud murder of an Ingush colonel

– The preliminary investigation established that the Mazda, on which the killers were hiding, was bought just a couple of days before the murder. Is this a common practice?

– No. Typically, crimes are committed in a stolen car, which is immediately disposed of. Or in his own way, but using double numbers, which are then simply removed and thrown away.

“How often do killers use Stechkin’s automatic pistol to commit crimes?”

– In Moscow, it is extremely rare. Mostly use weapons converted from gas or traumatic.

– Why do you think the criminals left Eldzharkiev’s friend – businessman Gursman Sapraliev alive?

– Killer might simply not have noticed him. Or didn’t want to waste time.

Watch the video on the topic:
          "The moment of the attack on the head of the center" E "of Ingushetia was on the video"

– Non-resident killers are trying to quickly leave the capital?

– At once. And most often they try to “throw off” the car on which they committed the crime as far as possible. A car is always additional evidence, so the later the police find it, the better.

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– Often criminals use intercity / international buses to hide?

– I can’t say that this is a common practice. The risks are the same as on the train, because for the purchase of tickets you must specify passport data. The exception is buses with shuttles – they do not ask for any documents there.

– In recent years, the number of executions on the streets of the capital has significantly decreased. Is this connected with equipping the city with CCTV cameras? And can we assume that soon such crimes will not be at all in public places?

– Of course, video cameras have improved the criminal situation in the capital. But if a person wants to remain unrecognizable on cameras, he will remain: caps, baseball caps, bandanas, other items of clothing … It is difficult to identify a person in a city with a population of over one million by the silhouette alone. But I would not directly associate an increase in cameras with a decrease in the number of executions. First of all – time has changed, in the criminal world there are fewer reasons to share something.

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– How can you comment that the suspect, according to the preliminary version, worked as a taxi driver?

– There may be many versions. Perhaps to keep track of the victim. Perhaps, in order to get to know the city better, all the options for getting around and getting around are a very valuable skill if you have to leave the chase. And perhaps this has nothing to do with the murder at all, just a person had to live on something.

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