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The less smart competitors, the better ?

Чем меньше умных конкурентов, тем лучше ?

Published analytical article the vivid memories of a Professor of mechanics and Mathematics, Moscow state University Yuliya Ilyashenko on the post-war “Golden years of mechanics and mathematics faculty of Moscow state University” development of domestic science, and about why and how later in the late 60’s “started to decline for many, many years” in which “for black decathlete” faculty “is filled with proven” the rock “round Threeness”. As a result , boldly said the Professor, “50% of the best Soviet mathematicians moved to the U.S. where they made up 10% of the best American mathematicians”

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And I, too, had thought that all decent organizers of science and technology has already Poehali, but lately started to doubt.

An, of course, almost died, but smart geeks still have a job in the oil and gas pipe, in the aviation industry, in some of our ancient offices on military orders, and some new spawn lately quite a decent Western firms.

In addition, it is believed that to eradicate poverty, the country needs ten times more to small businesses. The same as in developed countries. Therefore, more and more techies are smart in business (it’s not like in the movies where they shoot, and where knowledge, reputation and freedom above all else, where many are injected).

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But stopping shrill collectivism and an ingrained fear of punishment for independence.

But, the less intelligent around, the better the conditions for competition…

On this also see my “Colorful memories”



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