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The new FastOx technology allows you to usefully evaporate any debris


California-based startup Sierra Energy introduced FastOx technology, which is designed for total waste disposal. Wastes of all kinds can not only be guaranteed to be destroyed without harming the environment, but they can also be obtained from them, which can be used in many ways.

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The technology provides for the construction of a similar metallurgical blast furnace instead of an incineration chamber. To accelerate the combustion process, pure oxygen is injected into it, and the temperature reaches 2200 ℃ – twice as much as in the vent of the volcano. Such heat evaporates the garbage, makes it decompose into the simplest components – hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

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Gases can be pumped out and put into business, using in the energy sector or in the manufacture of fertilizers. Metals that do not evaporate will melt and separate from the rest of the components, becoming a recyclable material. All dangerous microbes, expired drugs, toxins, etc. – everything will be destroyed by high temperatures. After burning, not even ash will remain, unless quite a bit – but because such a technology will help to cope with huge landfills around the world.

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