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The Okinawan diet was found the most effective for longevity: what is its essence

Окинавскую диету признали самой эффективной для долголетия: в чем ее сутьAll you need to know about this fashionable diet.

As a rule, we pay too much attention to their figure and appearance, and choose a diet accordingly. Mediterranean, Volumetric, diet the Mayo clinic and hundreds of others – Yes, they help you lose weight, but don’t make us healthier.

The Okinawan diet is aimed at the health, longevity, quality of life. It is noted that under this type of diet significantly reduces the risk of diabetes and certain cancers.

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What is Okinawa diet?

The basic principle of the Okinawan diet – lots of vegetables and seafood, very few processed foods. Also the Okinawans (Japanese) very different relationship to food: they think it is rather the cure, so eat only a little. This type of diet includes lots of vegetables, fish and seafood, buckwheat noodles, soy products, and tea with Jasmine.

Also, the Okinawa diet recommends not to eat sweets, butter and meat.

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How to comply with the Okinawan diet

You need to eat slowly, chewing food thoroughly;

Do not overeat;

Eat a lot of vegetables.

Does it help with weight loss

Raw, full of useful elements of food is very beneficial for our body. The absence of large amounts of salt, sugar and unhealthy fats in the diet really can help a person to prolong life and to lose weight.

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