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The record of Moscow: the traffic lights are more expensive than apartments

Антирекорд Москвы: светофоры стоят дороже квартир

Seriously, it’s probably just helpful information for those who are putting up ads on poles of traffic lights. Because it can be charged with vandalism and forced to pay for the damage, and a traffic light apparatus serious, is big money. About 10 million rubles each – more expensive than the average apartment in Moscow.

“It is a cliché, the idea of the hymn “my Dear capital, my Golden Moscow” should be understood literally, in an economic sense, writes economist Andrew Malgin. But some indisputable proof of her loyalty still curious shocking the audience. And for good reason.

That’s the question these scholars. If a certain product with the catalog price in the 10-30 thousand rubles, familiar to anyone from childhood, is in Volgodonsk 300 thousand rubles, and in Nizhny Novgorod – 500 thousand rubles, how much it will cost in Moscow? Do not rush to answer, think…Remember your number?

Approximately ten million rubles.

That’s how much, according to Andrew Muhortikov from Moscow TMS, is the usual Metropolitan traffic light. According to him, planned to open in 2019 108 traffic lights will cost about 1 billion rubles. And, by the way, installing them from concept to commissioning – can take up to 2-3 years.

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It is clear that this sum includes considerable costs related works. So, in Moscow, according to the rules, all cables should be buried underground, and where laying in an open way is impossible, you need expensive horizontal directional drilling. In addition, the installation in some cases accompanied by the construction of life raft, relocating the bus stops, pavilions and entry pockets, with provision of pedestrian railings, etc. and at each stage your piece of the peck performers. But the price range is amazing.

And the second amazing fact is a terrible inflation in the traffic light. Because three years ago a Moscow traffic was estimated at 5 million rubles. And one more aspect. No matter how criticized residents of the Russian heartland Muscovites “zazhratosti”, but some traffic lights money will go to the regions. For example, the devices themselves are produced in Yaroslavl and Tomsk, and works on their installation and connection, including cabling, will keep workers from Tula or Kaluga likely. So another question, “stuck”, whether capital or she enables others to earn bread and butter?”

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I apartment on the outskirts of Moscow can cost twice and even three times less than the amount that will be spent on one traffic light.

“What about the competition of the tender, placing order on the website of public procurement, etc? comments moskvachenko. Maybe there are good people who will do it cheaper? “Works on their installation and connection, including cabling, will keep workers from Tula or Kaluga likely” most Likely – just from Osh or Kulyab. Especially the laying of the cable”.

“Ppl are worthless, writes zavod007. It is said immediately. The customer is doing what he wants, and reject all unwanted candidates in the vendors, it’s nonsense. As a result, the budget standard is overcharged at times from the market, and a narrow circle close to the customer suppliers Nemer enriched. And – according to the law. I’m sure it was intended in its decision”.


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