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The refusal to open Bank accounts: possible causes

Отказ в открытии банковского счета: возможные причины

All a large number of companies are faced with the failure of banks to open settlement accounts. The reasons for this may be many.

St.846 of the civil code obliges banks to enter into Bank account agreements with any entity which has expressed its desire. But why many companies refuse credit to firms and entrepreneurs? Apparent reason a few:

  • Registration of legal entities “mass”, which shows dozens of other firms.
  • The lack of paperwork or improper preparation.
  • Questionable reputation (being in the “black list” of Federal service for financial monitoring cooperation with the representatives of the list, etc.).
  • Signs of the company,”phony” (the minimum share capital, the short time of existence, etc.).
  • Other reasons, including a suspicion of the CEO responsible for serious economic crime (fraud, illegal entrepreneurship, tax evasion, etc.).
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If the firm or entrepreneur faced with a similar failure, it can try to open a Bank account in another Bank is the simplest way to solve the problem. If other lending institutions are not willing to cooperate with the firm, she should act differently.

  • Analyze what reasons could have triggered the failure. For example, addresses of “mass registration” easily checked on the website FTS. If negative for the Bank, the circumstances will be eliminated, nothing will interfere with opening a Bank account.
  • To induce the Bank to open an account in court. However, the effectiveness of this method depends heavily on the circumstances of the case.
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If the reasons for the denial of self could not figure out, you may need the help of the criminal lawyer because the specialist knows the intricacies of law, analyze the situation not difficult. Thanks to these recommendations, the firm will be able not only to open the account, but also use them without any interruptions, knowing that Bank will not block it.



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