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The Russians are forced to abandon payment cards

Россиян вынуждают отказаться от платежных карт

Again, as in the “good old” 90, we will focus on his Majesty cash?

It seems that the short heyday of Bank cards are beginning to curl. We are increasingly beginning to return to normal more recently the cash payments. Social networking is full of stories about how restaurants and houses of life, hairdressers and small shops asking for “opportunities” to pay in cash.

As for ordinary citizens, the so-called individuals, they are sickened by the fact that banks are increasingly forcing them to be accountable for transfers or receiving money. Scandal was the week when one client complained that her long of the Bank were interrogated, where she took a thousand rubles, and why sends their translations.

A broad interpretation by the bankers and other stakeholders of the provisions of the law №115-FZ leads to tyranny: you can skip the multi-million dollar transaction, and it is possible to find fault with th translation – well, the card will fall. Constantly changing the amount that must pay attention to the financial monitoring service of the Bank, say insiders from the industry.

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Without clear regulations and clear of sneaks we bring people to the point that they return to cash payments where possible, and all the years of hard work and putting the economy on non-cash payments will go to pieces, says financial analyst Dmitry Gurevich. But if you enter a penalty, the liability of financial institutions when they arbitrarily block transactions or payment card, the fervor and the zeal of some gentlemen clearly diminished.

But yet we see wild scene, when people in the translation, for example, 30 thousand rubles crushed the amount of 30 thousand translations… and thus attract attention, but this time, the frequency of transfers, and not a large sum. In General where throw – everywhere a wedge.

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By the way, according to our observations, most of the people in the regions of Russia, who receive wages on the card, immediately withdraw all the money and only use cash. The reason for that, in addition to the above, and still too active police officers who have access to all our Bank accounts and write off any penalties. In General, for our economic authorities sounded an alarm bell. Soon the people again will have a huge amount of cash, which is difficult to control. And that, as they say, struggled?

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