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The terrible life of a Ulyanovsk killer teenager: his mother drank, his disabled father abandoned

In the administration building of the Bazarnosyzgan district (two-story, covered with a gray profile, renovated inside – compared to the huts of the locals it’s just a palace) I was struck by … a relaxed atmosphere. People walk slowly, speak leisurely, drink tea in the office. As if there was no terrible murder. But it was – everyone talks only about the slaughter and about who arranged it. Crime, without exaggeration, has affected everyone. The first person he met, a large man from the administration, half-whispers shared that his son was in the same class as Taras.

– In this class there are athletes, and hooligans, and those whom we are proud of in terms of study. Taras belonged to the second. We are all in shock, the children are scared.

photo: Leo Speransky
From here the criminal took an ax.

I look in the local newspaper, the council of veterans, the registry office, the territorial election commission, and the library. Everyone knows the lost Kamalov family only on the good side. He paid a visit to a local strong point. Ordinary employees, in the slight shock of the past influx of high-ranking security officials, had never once looked into the quiet Patrikeevo the highest officials from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, prosecutors, the Investigative Committee.

– We stood at attention for two days. So we won’t say anything, all questions to the press service, ”the district police officer rapped out and tried to soften the blow. – Better go to the forest, I was there yesterday, I took out a whole basket of mushrooms.

I follow his advice, but I’m certainly not going to the forest. To restore the chronology of events, I decide to go all the way to Taras on that last evening, August 17th.

On the eve of the schoolboy and his friend went to a holiday – the 60th anniversary of the military garrison. The staff of the headquarters live in the town – officers and members of their families, conscripts cannot be met anymore. On the half-empty streets, military children ride in suits exactly like their parents – khaki. On Saturday there was a holiday, there were barbecue, dancing. Many guests arrived, even from Moscow. In the festive fun, many remembered how the red head of Taras flashed among the dancing. He and his friend Sasha walked along with everyone. At some point, the guys went to the apartment of their friends, but then returned. And about 23.00 went home. On the way, they were seen by local residents – the guys were tipsy, but did not run amok. Sasha was the first to go home, and Taras went along the way to his friend Denis for a modem.

Having talked with a comrade, the guy went through the railroad tracks … It took Taras almost an hour to get to the house. Here is the crime scene. The house, surrounded by forest, stands on the outskirts. It is divided into two parts: in one lived the family of a teenager, in the other – the family of employees of the military unit and the railway. This combination is typical for Patrikeev: with Taras himself, his mother worked at headquarters, and her grandparents worked at the railway.

photo: Leo Speransky
In the apartment where the massacre took place, as if time had stopped.

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In the courtyard, a sad Kamalov neighbor is cleaning mushrooms. “I did not hear anything at night. And in the morning he left for the district center, we are building a house there, ”he said sternly, without even asking where I came from.

Everything was as if nothing had happened on the compound, only the red cordon and the blue gloves left by the experts indicated that a terrible thing had happened. Time seems to have stopped here. Firewood was prepared (Taras took an ax from here), a broom and a shovel lay near a pile of sand, and a pumpkin grew in the garden. Some windows of the house are not curtained, in the kitchen there is a frying pan on the stove, there is food in it, tea and sugar on the table, “Russian folk tales” in the nursery and a pink children’s pot, and there are brown spots on the beds … There is a monitor in the large room right by the window ( investigators took the system unit), which Natalia spent a lot of time writing and publishing since December 2018, her “History of Life and Success”. On the other side of the house is the only "transport" of the Timur family, a walk-behind tractor, and an empty kennel. Of the entire large family, only a puppy named Kazbek survived.

– He felt sorry for the dog. Not a mother, not parents, but a dog. I think now I’ll take it for myself so that at least some kind of memory remains, – the godfather Tarasa Oleg Viktorovich hardly restrains his emotions.

I go further to the tower on which the young killer went. It is not clear exactly how the teenager got there. The fence is surrounded by barbed wire above, there are no undermines, no manholes.

photo: Leo Speransky
The tower next to which Taras was found.

– What kind of person was Taras? – recalls his friend Denis. It was he who discovered the body of a teenager near the tower on that terrible Sunday morning. – Now they say a lot: stupefying substances, the influence of AUE and the like. There was nothing of this! He even told me more than once: if they will offer drugs, I won’t even try, he can then completely delay. Here is another.

Did Taras really hate his stepbrother and sister? An amazing fact of the biography: little Andrei and Sveta were born with Taras on the same day – January 30, only 12 years later. Even this coincidence was supposed to somehow position the teenager to the kids.

Denis tells.

– Now there is talk that he was reluctant to have a nanny with them. Not! Normally, he sat with them when his mother asked. Sometimes he was bored, he called me to visit, and we sat with the children. I didn’t notice anything strange in his attitude towards them. Taras did not push them, did not beat them. Everything was normal.

Oleg Viktorovich enters into conversation.

– He sat on the Internet for a long time, yes. Probably everything went from there? He did not indulge in alcohol, I did not hear a single bad word from him.

Taras Kamalov was assigned a posthumous psychological examination. But even without it, any psychologist will say: most of the problems of adolescents come from childhood. And although everyone called the Kamalov family safe, a more detailed survey of friends and acquaintances of Taras’ mother suggests the opposite.

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photo: Leo Speransky
The neighbors did not hear anything at night.

In part, Natalya described her problems in the diary “History of Life and Success,” which she started in the hope of becoming a fashionable high-paying blogger. One of the important points: because of serious problems in life, Natalya abused alcohol.

“She drank heavily after giving birth,” recalls Natalia’s godmother and her school teacher Nadezhda Sergeevna. – What did you drink? Vodka, probably. Maybe wine. Social protection went to her, I was also on the commission. Three or four years ago we visited Natalya, the girl and the boy have not even learned how to walk. And she came out to us after drinking. Although the house was very clean, not a mote on the table.

Perhaps, just then, in difficult moments for the family, Taras harbored a mortal resentment against his mother.

The bodies of the dead were taken to Ulyanovsk. Nobody wanted to bury Taras, as a result, Ildar – his father – took care of himself. According to relatives, Natalia met him in Ulyanovsk. Ildar is a disabled person, in an accident he lost his arm. According to family friends, the marriage with Natalya was not happy, the man often beat her, even with his prosthesis. As a result – betrayal (again, an open diary tells about it) and divorce. A man named Andrei, whom Natalya calls a twins father in his notes, refused to recognize them, saying that he could not have children, and also abandoned her.

So Natalia raised three children – without any help from men, simultaneously having fleeting novels and finding out relations with her mother (women had a bad relationship, it was mother who reported her daughter's problems with alcohol to social protection authorities). On the pages of the diary there is a record of Taras. Short but rather eloquent.

“My child was finishing 9th grade, and I almost lost sight of him. About a year I was seriously ill, and he was left to his own devices. I never worried about him, as he easily converges with people and has a good memory. Studying is easy for him, only he is a little lazy, as befits all the boys. And what was my surprise when he was awarded the "Red Certificate". This meant that in the ninth year of study he came out as an excellent student. I was in perplexity! They started to congratulate me. To say how well done that brought up such a son brought up a great guy. And I will tell you a secret, I just watched, but practically did not interfere in his life. About incidentally she told me what is good and what is bad. Of course, it is too early to say that it took place. But at the moment I was pleased. "

Unfortunately, as the events of this weekend showed, Natalya was really too little interested in the life of a teenager.

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