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The unemployed were forbidden to buy dollars

Безработным запретят покупать доллары

In the new, 2019 citizens who wish to buy or sell currency in the amount of 15 thousand rubles and above, will need to present a certificate of employment on the form 2-NDFL. And not only…

The Central Bank has dispatched to banks the Directive, according to which the exchange in the amount of 15 thousand individuals will have to produce documents “on the legal origin of money.” The action is from December 27.

Now everyone who wishes to exchange such amount will be recorded in a special register. When selling or buying of the currency they present a passport, the cashier enters the details of the passport in the database and only then gets “permission” for the operation.

You left the Bank and your data is left. Then they come to the tax and other concerned authorities, which check whether the extent of your monetary transactions on your official income.

Now the banks will go even further: you will need to present not only a passport, and proof that you are working on form 2-NDFL.

Now this certificate is only required for those who came to buy or sell currency in the amount of 3 million rubles and above.

“We introduce a power control over the circulation of cash in the country, – says member of the Duma Committee on budget and taxes Yevgeny Fyodorov. – For the economy it will give a negative result – will slow economic growth. Moreover, for banks the Directive of the Central Bank are binding, otherwise they will be taken away the license. But as citizens, then they have no prohibitions do not apply. If a citizen will be able to change a currency without income, it does for it not punished. Moreover, the law prohibited the exchange of currency between individuals”.

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Restrictions will lead to the fact that currency exchange will go into the shadows. Deceived with fake dollars and the wrong course.

“Plus, banned signs with the exchange rate. If prior to the ban, a police officer could walk the streets and go to every exchange and put on handcuffs, now exchange points you have to look. And that they will thrive, no doubt about it. Another thing is that currency exchange will become more expensive. For example, early maternal capital can be cashed in 20% in MFIs, but now that it’s banned for cashing have to give up to two thirds of a referendum in South Ossetia”, – says the financial Ombudsman Pavel Medvedev.

In addition to the illegal exchange will flourish in the underground market for the sale of the certificates in form 2-pit.

Immediately when you contact the Bank your fake certificate is likely not recognize. However, after you leave the Bank details of your references will be transferred to the tax “for verification”, and there to close a criminal case: article 327 of the criminal code provides for punishment up to two years of imprisonment, if you do fake a job reference, but if you just use a fake document arrest up to six months or the penalty to 80 thousand roubles.

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Public Ombudsman for the protection of the rights of micro-businesses and the self-employed, entrepreneur and economist Dmitry Potapenko considers that in the sphere of control of the currency of the country returns “back in the USSR”: “We are already all has passed, what is to conduct experiments that have already been? The banks already have cut, let’s leave the three banks”.

According to him, the attempt of the authorities to translate the population on the ruble may mean preparing for the devaluation and denomination: “our people have the skin melted from the bills of the past decades, which can now only put memory in the collection.”

Indeed, the Soviet Union repeatedly resorted to this method of seizure of “surplus” population: waking up one morning, Soviet citizens learned that rubles are changed for new ones, and the amount to exchange is limited.

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