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The United States fly to the Sunlight

США летят к Солнцу

Now, August 12 at 11:31 a.m. Moscow time, the start of tremendous-significant start automobile Delta IV United Start Alliance, which set on a trajectory for our solar photo voltaic probe, “Parker”.

The start took location from pad SLC-37 of the spaceport, the U.S. air pressure at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

This is one particular of the most costly missions in the scientific historical past of NASA. The challenge expense at minimum $750 million.

To research the corona of the Sunlight, Photo voltaic Probe ragtag permit her in for a length of six.two million km – pretty much go into the photosphere. The station receives nearer to the solar than any other artifical item.

About Sunlight station proportions 1х3х2,three meters and a pounds of 555 kg will be deployed all the time to him a protect to delicate to the temperatures of the components has often been in the shadows. The vital position of the trajectory surface area of the protect heats up to pretty much 1400 levels Celsius.

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The greatest pace at the edge of the photo voltaic corona will be about 725 thousand km/h, or about 200 km/s. This will be the speediest guy-produced item of earthlings. With these types of pace the length from Kiev to the most distant of the funds of an additional condition of Wellington in New Zealand (about 17000 km) – can be get over in considerably less than one.five minutes.

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Employing probe, the researchers want to research the plasma close to stars, the construction and dynamics of magnetic fields to evaluate the concentrations emitted by the corona power and the acceleration of the photo voltaic wind. In addition, they are fascinated in what mechanisms build, speed up and transportation energetic particles.

It was the 3rd try to start the Delta IV: to begin with, the rocket was to be released on August four and immediately after the transfer yesterday, August 11. The two moments the begin was postponed for complex good reasons to be as assured in the accomplishment of the early stage of the mission.

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