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The United States was going to withdraw its troops from Syria

The President of the United States Donald trump announced the withdrawal of US troops from Syria and noted that the war against ISIS is almost won.

“We defeated ISIS in Syria, which was the only reason for our stay there during the presidency of trump,” wrote the President on Twitter.

Press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders confirmed that “the U.S. military began to return home because we are moving to a new phase of the campaign.”

“The United States and our allies are ready to resume presence at all levels, to protect American interests where necessary”, she added.

The exact date of the conclusion of the 2000 American military personnel from Syria was not made public. Commenting on the procedure of withdrawal of the U.S. forces, a U.S. official told Reuters that the state Department employees will be evacuated from Syria within 24 hours and that all U.S. forces leave the country after the last operation against ISIS. It is expected that the military would be withdrawn from the country within 60-100 days, writes Reuters referring to the information from the official.

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Withdrawal will be a drastic change in foreign policy of the USA in Syria, observers say. The media recalled the recent statements by U.S. officials that the Islamic state has not defeated.

“If there’s anything we’ve learned over the years is that a constant victory over these groups means that you cannot just overcome them physically and leave,” said Brett Mcgurk, the special representative of administration of the global coalition against ISIS on 11 December, according to Bloomberg.

“We need to ensure that internal security forces would act to ensure that these achievements in the sphere of security of the firm”, – said Mcgurk.

Pentagon officials are trying to convince the White house to change its decision, writes The Washington Post. In the Pentagon emphasize that such a move would be a betrayal of the allies – the Kurds, who are fighting alongside the U.S. military in Syria and that can be at the center of a military attack, the newspaper notes.

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The national security Advisor the White house John Bolton in September stated that the United States will not leave Syria until there are Iranian forces.

“Currently, we continue to work close and together with our partners in the region”, – said in a brief statement by Pentagon spokesman Robert manning, issued on Wednesday morning.

The decision trump also criticized the influential Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, calling it a “mistake in the style of Obama.” “The output of these small American force in Syria would be a huge mistake in the style of Obama,” the Senator wrote on Twitter.

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