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The victim of the police head of Omsk was an honorary worker of the Moscow metro

As it became known to "MK", ​​the paths of the policeman and machinist crossed at the Kashirskaya metro station around 23.00. The 49-year-old employee of the subway Sergey returned home after the corporate party on the occasion of the anniversary of the depot. The driver worked in the metro for 30 years, was invited to the event as an honorary worker. He does not deny that he took a little on his chest. The driver says that he made a remark to a man in civilian clothes (and this was Colonel Merkushov) – he seemed to be drunk too, and behaved uncivilized. In response, the subway worker was hit in the face. The opponent was bigger, taller than the driver, so the forces were clearly not equal. By his crust, by the way, he did not swing. By the way, Merkushov came to study at the Academy of Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, for refresher courses.

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Sergey, not waiting for the second strike, walked away, and the ambulance was called by eyewitnesses. With a preliminary diagnosis of a brain concussion, the driver was taken to the 7th city hospital. The diagnosis was confirmed, the helmsman was examined, prescribed treatment and placed in the ward until Tuesday.

Already on July 11, confused police officers appeared on the threshold of the chamber. They apologized on behalf of Merkushov and asked not to give the event a further course. Sergey agreed, signed all the papers. However, he says that if complications in a state of health arise, he will withdraw the application. When asked if the policeman compensated his blow financially, the engineer answered that he didn’t need anything.

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And in Omsk, meanwhile, an inspection is appointed, and special persons will appreciate the behavior of Merkushov.


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