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Theater Olympics will present 10 performances in September

In September, Petersburg will see the performances of several masters of the European theater at once, including one of the great reformers of the Polish stage Christian Lupa. Residents and guests of the city are waiting for the premiere of the theater company Rimini Protokoll – the promenade-performance "Utopolis Petersburg", the trilogy of Theodoros Terzopoulos and other productions.

Promenade performance "Utopolis Petersburg". Photo: theatreolympics2019.com

On September 6 and 7 on the main stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater will be shown the performance of Christian Lupa “The Process”. Franz Kafka’s novel is one of the most mysterious and provocative in world literature. The story is tied up in the hero’s mind, and the unfinished, open-ended structure of the novel gives the performance the opportunity to grow with new meanings.

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The production “Mother” will be presented on the Alexandrinsky New Stage on September 6, 7 and 8 – the second part of the “Family trilogy” by choreographer Gabriela Carrizo (Peeping Tom Theater Company, Brussels, Belgium). The experimental language Peeping Tom along with the choreography highlights the sound in this performance. The performance team explores how sounds evoke images and associations in our memory. In the play "Mother", the participants in the crowd represent the outside world, which is opposed to the inner world of heroes.

On September 7, 8, 14 and 15, viewers will see a large-scale promenade-performance exploring the urban environment and the nature of the phenomena occurring in it. Utopolis Petersburg (Rimini Protokoll, Berlin, and the Manchester International Festival). This is the largest of the Rimini Protokoll projects, involving 300 spectators distributed across 52 city locations. They will seek answers to questions: is it possible to create an ideal world in which everyone is happy with the place allotted to him by society? What is public justice and does it exist?

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Also, the program of the Theater Olympiad will present the performances "Rosmersholm" by Andrei Zholdak, the trilogy of Theodoros Terzopoulos, "Rocco and his brothers" Attila Vidnyansky, "Crash Park. The Life of One Island ”by Philip Ken et al.

Detailed information is available on the website of the International Theater Olympiad.

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