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Прозрачный мир

The person is known, can adapt to anything. But first, this adaptability otayde is not instantaneous. And secondly, what is necessary to adapt should be neillyuzorno. Visible it should be. Tangible. Otherwise, it is difficult to adapt.

Here, for example, news in the last days. In Tomsk region the teacher during the lesson, grabbed the child by the head and several times with force has moved her to the Desk. 41 years of teaching experience. Already dismissed.

And here’s another case. In the Khabarovsk region another teacher beat up a second grader. Dismissed, prosecuted.

Well, here is another incident in the Altai region. Two police officers beat a man on crutches. Already dismissed from police.

It would have been before? Before, when teachers just give the students the lessons of the cuffs and fought with uncontrollable and inadequate disciples, how that poor teacher of the Khabarovsk territory? Well, or when the police beat someone on the street, even with crutches?

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And before we would talk to you about it have learned nothing. And teachers with the police nothing would have happened. But now everyone is in the pocket camcorder. And to this new reality, teachers and police have not yet adapted. And when the video with malfeasance hits the Internet, then there is nothing to be done — the authorities forced to take action. Although if any video was not, the authorities would have closed his eyes.

But here’s something interesting — so that’s what happens when you grow up, a generation born with these cameras in their pockets. Whether it is already adapted to the fact that any piece of reality can be recorded and made public? After all, if this is so, then teachers and police officers, doctors and officials, but in General all will have to think a thousand times before you do something, the promulgation of what they would like. And might we expect from you in relation to this new, perfect, beautiful, future world?

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Here something tells me that he didn’t expect. Because in GU MVD in the Rostov region for days, fired the whole Department. Department of covert surveillance operative-search Bureau. That is, people who are engaged in external supervision. In other words — follow the suspects. And you know what? Because one of the employees of this Department filmed some corporate event.

That is, if you do even the people for whom stealth is a profession, then I would not harbored any illusions about all the others. And therefore we are likely to see many, many interesting videos.

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