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Truck with artificial intelligence Caper can forever change the retail world


It would seem, as the rapid growth of online Commerce the retail trade gradually come to naught. Today, however, in the US you can watch its veritable Renaissance. So, Amazon in their stores Go demonstrated that using a combination of AI, sensors, and cameras may be purchased without going through the cashier.

However, this system proved its drawbacks: it is difficult to scale, and to pay off it will be only a remote prospect. In addition, the installation of hundreds and even thousands of cameras and sensors in the huge supermarket chains like Walmart or Target is unlikely to be appropriate.

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The solution may be to cart for the item Caper with elements AI product of the same startup. Built-in sensors can automatically identify each product and calculate the total value of the purchase. At the end of the shopping customers will be able to pay the cost using the integrated payment terminal.

Caper will certainly appeal to large retailers. Compared to order Go to Amazon with the use of cameras, Caper looks easier and more efficient.

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Currently, “smart” truck is in the test phase in a limited format — that is, buyers to first manually scan bar code and only after that put the shopping cart. Caper, the developers hope to make the process fully automated by the end of this year, after which new technology will be launched in 150 stores in the USA.

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