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Ukrainian reality: the miserable pensions and a bleak old age

Украинские реалии: нищенские пенсии и безрадостная старость

According to research by the international charitable organization HelpAge International, a study of where people live to old age, and Ukraine was on the 82nd place out of 96. This is the worst figure for Eastern Europe. Over the past year, our country dropped 16 points. Even African Ghana one place above Ukraine, although this country has low life expectancy, and literacy rate among those older than 15 years (census 2000), is less than 60%. Worse of Ukrainian pensioners live only elderly people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Rwanda…

A year ago in terms of income, employment, quality of care, to create favorable conditions for seniors, our country was on the 66th place. But after the European integration reforms, both old and new government Ukrainian elderly of a decent life can only dream about.

On 1 July, the minimum pension in Ukraine amounted to UAH 976,52, medium — 560,98 1 UAH. For comparison: the average pension in neighboring Russia — 11 600 RUB. (about 3 800 UAH). And from next year it is planned to increase to 12 400 RUB (4 100 UAH).

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In Ukraine, pensioners do not live and survive. In terms of the total price increase for the millions of our compatriots who worked all his life for their country are forced to lead a miserable existence. Given the fact that the hryvnia devalued by 75%, real inflation is through the roof, medicines have risen in price (some almost twice) and products and services have significantly increased in price, most pensioners can barely make ends meet, denying themselves the Essentials. And the whole concern of the state is reduced to only one — periodic indexation, which, for example, in the first half of this year amounted to UAH 34,89, if we talk about the average pension.

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In fairness it should be noted that Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk in his election campaign promised to open the front and fight social injustice. However, he intends to do in the new Parliament, or (if lucky) in the new government. But millions of Ukrainians — pensioners, students, teachers, doctors, representatives of small and medium businesses — said the Prime Minister does not believe. They were convinced that the current government does not fight poverty and with the poor. And if the officials who now sit in high offices, tomorrow will once again be in power and will continue to pursue anti-people, anti-social policies, with high probability we can assume that next year in the rating of countries favorable for retired people, Ukraine is the latest, 96-e a place.



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