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Well, not the Germans we are!…

Ну никак  не немцы мы!...

Will tell one, in my opinion, the cautionary tale of Soviet travel life. It was in the last century.

Hans at the same time with me for several weeks was engaged in commissioning metalurski in the same huge plant in the Urals. However, he set up Germany shnuju laser machine for precision cutting of metal with thickness up to 8 mm, and I – it rough, on the eve of the developed by us in Leningrad – air plasma, but already for thicknesses up to 100 mm.

We befriended him. I openly admired the immaculate order of his work, detailed tuning instructions, extremely easy set repair tool, install and delightfully comfortable signature work wear.

In addition to high productivity and integrity from all of us is characterized by high professional solidarity. Just that the shop reeks, he immediately quits his job and, seizing me, running to Wake the head of the shop, and help save podgorovka electrical counterparts.

Unlike him, I’m on my, much more powerful installation, could be contented with just a screwdriver and pliers, brought from his native Leningrad Institute of electric Welding Equipment and quietly carried through the checkpoint of the plant. Here is often used illegally international relations: “Hans! Giv mi – say – pliz coupling ring key on twenty seven”. He is smiling at least an elegant English says: “the EU of KOs! No problem!”. And running hand in their signature work suitcase, without unnecessary movements (blind!) get the key on 27th unprecedented for our Soviet reality, which afraid even to touch my dirty hands.

Of course, it was two kilometers to go to a tool store room and, after standing in a queue, eventually to pass under Soviet key, but when there is a lunch break, no one knew. So I, not without embarrassment, often used the kindness and infinite patience of Hans.

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It is not irritated, although very surprised and injured varied around the mess. And a match for him, his car, unlike mine, did not want to work from ugly clogged harmonic signals and third-party supply network. She went to the bow, and drove unprecedented in those regions transforming the German motor-generator, at the very least providing a standard electromagnetic compatibility with local food. And Hans quickly, working overtime, still have set up his creation in the plan period. But here in the shop appeared some new domestic electrical monster that when you turn on again now (I now have to water to air) to systematically knock down the work of his machine.

And so, understanding the causes of, Hans came to me to complain. I was glad to see him give us something to serve, and as a professional developer offered to put in a certain place it machines the filter. Began to consider and to understand: tube or upper frequencies. As set formulas, moved generally on a common language, smiles were not limits. Here, I think: though a German, but – well, understands what’s what. Finally, make a summary: take two capacitors, which are all around in bulk, and the throttle I let out of what is derelict outside the door there, and all this he put in his installation, adjust the documentation accordingly. Normal, they say, the trivial solution.

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And then I looked at his face. It is unexpected for me the way it was distorted by extreme rage. He walked away from me and then tried fastidiously to avoid. This change of mood I was not possible to understand! Only over time realized that, when translated into civilized language, I, for some reason, maliciously implicate him in a double crime: the introduction of unauthorized deviations not only in the iron of the machine, but also a certified corporate documents. Don’t know what they have there in the West relied for this – dismissal or prosecution. Anyway, since then our communication has completely disappeared forever …

Generally, experience shows that we are not the bad Germans “and different other Swedes”. But civilization everywhere is constantly lacking.

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But much later, in our century, a wise and experienced Harold Petrovich # I explained the following motives Hans!

Any “innovation” by the working equipment is a threat to the normal operation, which feeds hundreds or thousands of people. I hope to learn how this works in a regular mode – a learning the equipment does not want, maybe. With kandachka changes are not made…
When I was a chief, not long, for such cases dismissed, if the person did not understand the words, and continued kink.
The most dangerous thing for sophisticated production – is “handyman”, “handyman”, “radio Amateur”. From them all the trouble.


So that We “may be everything will be fine…” Or not?

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