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What we give to the Japanese together with the Kuril Islands

Что мы отдадим японцам вместе с Курилами

In the Kuriles I was on a business trip from the newspaper “Russia” in 1991. Local life shocked me. It was no comfort. At all. From the antediluvian of the airport where the planes fly in good weather, twice a week, and the weather is good here — a rarity, the roads to the village on one of the Islands was not.

Reached on APCS. If you’re lucky and the sea is calm — on the smooth sand at the edge of the surf. If not in a storm — a terrible bumpy road, when you more hours banging your head against the roof of the iron monster, which actively digests you in foul-smelling petrol fumes.

We were not lucky…

Already in place, I learned that children carry to kindergarten also on APCS. Locals go on the roads from house to house often knee-deep in mud.

In the stores — ball roll. However, in 91-m to year it was everywhere. But everywhere there were some unspoken possibilities: pull the butcher in the market. Grandparents with gardens. Here neither grandmothers, nor butchers.

I was horrified. No one in the Kuriles had not been concerned to establish a domestic life. The wages of fishermen are large and all the locals felt that he was a temporary worker: was saving money for the apartment in the warmer cities of the sea. And so, temporarily, lived for decades.

When I came here Japanese journalists put a night between two glass Windows with iron bottles of beer — cooling, refrigerators speech was not, — the night the local carefully sawed the glass and bottles taken away. Beer in banks here did not know in principle. The glass didn’t burst. It just stayed oval slots.

Nowhere in Russia have I seen such a total hopeless ruin. And nowhere, perhaps, I have not seen such unalloyed patriotism in the old, yet good sense of the word.

The people in the mass do not want to surrender to Japan.

Just these days, Gorbachev made his first visit to Japan. Business in the state was bad. Oil cost $ 10 per barrel. The money ran out. The industry has stalled. Perestroika turned into protracted level of the pit. The power was staggering.

The Japanese promised big money for the island food assistance and the massive loans.

All were convinced that the hump of the island will pass.

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One boy from Sakhalin so imbued with the idea that he came to the Kuril Islands, put up a tent, and from morning to evening listening to the radio, he thought that the Islands would give Japan during the visit of the President and together with the residents. That is, op-PA! And he’s already in Japan. But op-PA did not happen.

— How to give the island! — boiled local guys with forever red from the wind and vodka parties. -There are so many fish! We have the same here — the solid jars! And caviar? How many we’re produced caviar? What do you mean! The Japs are dreaming this wealth to clean up! They are here all the time they poach our guards them every week catch!

Fighting between Japanese poachers and border guards were here is cinema and dancing. Loved to tell local stories as they scare sassy neighbors, so that the fear on the boat turned, network full throw, and run, run…

There were more mundane truth: when some Russian synergy caught fish, scallops, shellfish in the sea the Japanese were overloaded. Money all need.

The fisheries of the Kuril from the latest advances in technology far. The Japanese would be amazed. In the shops of the Champs water, dirt and drafts. A lot of fish, including honey, and technology so backward that the canned food they make — ugh.

Well, it’s a matter of attachments. I do not know now.

Only, maybe not bridges we had in Vladivostok to build, and now on Sakhalin reason to pull. And the new plants. Navy to equip. To restore it. And in fact, there is now in the far East of the normal fleet.

The truth is all classes are not bengoechea. Or rather, not gergoviae.

— A shelf! — shouted the locals. Immediately minerals a lot! And how many are not proven! The money is not isolated! No, we the Japanese will not give up! One guy even offered to shoot. But that he, for courage.

Gorbachev, then the Kuril Islands are not given. Even those the two Islands, which the Japanese are the sweetest. Decided not to.

Like now we have no war. Oil, though cheaper, but not to the same 10 dollars. The sanctions imposed — so under them, mostly the oligarchs got their banks. A healthy economy is to damage should not.

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What is this terrible attack makes today to start negotiations about the return of the Islands, which, by the way, our grandfathers in the war blood shed? The ones that “thank you grandpa for the Victory”?

And in conclusion. Here are some boring numbers 2017 interview of a member of the Expert Council of the Federation Council Committee for Federative structure, regional policy in the North of Mikhail Zhukov:

“The total living biomass in the waters of the Kuril Islands fishing ICBM is more than 6.3 million tonnes, including fish — more than 800 thousand tons, invertebrates — about 280 thousand tons of algae — about 300 thousand tons. Taking into account the dvuhsotmilnuyu zone the biomass of commercial fish is Pollock — 1.9 million tons, cod — 190 thousand tons, herring-iwashi — 1.5 million tonnes of saury — 1-1,5 million tons, flounder — 26.5 thousand tons.

The Kuril Islands is concentrated almost 50% of the possible Russia’s total oil output of algae. Possible catch of algae by wet weight is estimated at 90-100 thousand tons.

There are significant reserves of precious objects (of Spisula Sakhalin clam, octopus, scallop, trumpeters, coastal species of perch, halibut Nephrolepis). There are fish stocks for which fisheries is measured in tens of tons: tuna, saury, anchovy, mackerel, sardine, Pollack, dopery Atka mackerel, Grenadier, lemonema, and from salmon — pink.

Role in potential catch of fish such as chum salmon, saffron cod, cod, flounders, smelt, bullheads, Rudd, brown trout, halibut, perch, sharks, rays, below the coal and is measured by thousands of tons, although in total it can reach more than 40 thousand tons.

I think that’s enough…

From the editor

“SP” wrote that Dmitry Medvedev as President signed the Treaty on Maritime delimitation in the Barents sea and the Arctic ocean.

According to the agreement, Russia handed over half of Norway the water area of about 175 thousand square kilometers with rich reserves of oil. Russia did not know about these oil reserves, Norway knew? It is possible that if now Russia will give Islands in the far East on them is also something you will find, no wonder the Japanese are in such a hurry to solve the issue of “disputed territories”.

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