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Where to go in Moscow and St. Petersburg last summer weekend

Closing of the festival “Spasskaya Tower – 2019” and the exhibition of Japanese Kabuki theater in Moscow, a concert “Be with the city!” And Mozart’s opera performed by the MusicAeterna orchestra conducted by Theodor Currentzis in St. Petersburg. We talk about the most interesting cultural events of this weekend in Russian capitals.

Moscow: exhibition “New Tretyakov Gallery. Start. Gift of Veronika Nikolaevna Sukoyan "

An exhibition devoted to the history of the building of the New Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val is open at the Tretyakov Gallery. This year, the museum was given the premises of the Central House of Artists, and today the entire structure is completely owned by the gallery. The exposition will acquaint viewers with the biography and creative achievements of the Soviet architect Nikolai Sukoyan, who created the project of the building. Here you can see more than 120 documents, among which are drawings, drawings, photographs, which were transmitted by the daughter of the architect Veronik Sukoyan. The exhibition runs until October 13.

More about the exhibition “New Tretyakov Gallery. Start. Gift of Veronika Nikolaevna Sukoyan. ”

Moscow: exhibition "The unique world of theater"

The All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art presents the exhibition “The Unique World of Theater”. She was dedicated to the art and culture of Japan. The exposition includes antique kimonos, stage costumes and prints. A separate part of the exhibition will tell about the traditional Japanese kabuki theater. His artists use complex makeup, costumes, music and stage plastic, and each movement tells a story. Museum visitors will get acquainted with the popular themes and plays of this theater: “The Lion Dance” tells of mystical stories, and “Life and Death in the Merry Quarters” presents everyday plays from the Edo era, which began more than 400 years ago. The exposition will run until September 29th.

More information about the exhibition “The Unique World of Theater”.

Moscow: Spasskaya Tower – 2019 festival

The second week in the capital continues the International Military Music Festival "Spasskaya Tower – 2019". 26 groups from 12 countries take part in it: Belarus, Turkey, Korea, Japan and other states. Participants compete in the performance of songs, fashion shows of military bands and dances, as well as in performances with weapons, laser and pyrotechnic shows. Among them are the Celtic Bagpipes and Drum Orchestra, the Irish Dance Team, the Imperial Youth Orchestra of English Brentwood.

On September 1, participants will perform their numbers at train stations and parks in Moscow, and in the evening on the Red Square the grand closing of the festival will take place.

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Read more about the Spasskaya Tower – 2019 festival.

Moscow: festival "Staircase"

September 1 starts the 5th anniversary festival "Staircase", organized by the Theater of the Russian Army. It is dedicated to two round dates at once – the 90th theatrical season and the 80th anniversary of the star-shaped theater building. On the venues in front of the Theater of the Russian Army, scenes from famous performances will be played. They use authentic scenery from productions of past years: the throne and chess pieces from the Death of John the Terrible of 1966, the carriage from the Lady with Camellias of 1984. In the evening, a gala concert will be held where theater artists will perform military songs.

Read more about the festival "Staircase".

Moscow: II Festival of Historical Gardens

The Tsaritsyno State Museum-Reserve invites you to the II Festival of Historical Gardens on the theme “Gardens Inspired by History”. The best Russian landscape designers and flower art specialists participate in it. They created 25 miniature gardens of different eras. Spectators will be able to imagine what Versailles Park might have been like during the Ice Age and what the French garden would look like on the roof of Notre Dame Cathedral. They will also see gardens dedicated to renowned artists Pete Mondrian and Claude Monet. The festival will end on September 8th.

Read more about the II Festival of Historical Gardens.

St. Petersburg: exhibition "Processes, concepts, situations"

The Museum of Art of St. Petersburg of the 20th – 21st centuries presents the exhibition project “Processes, Concepts, Situations”. For the first time, Russian viewers will see the works of 38 contemporary French artists: Francois Poyu-Lefebvre, Abraham Adad, Ida Cohen and others. They work in various artistic fields – painting, sculpture, graphics, video art and 3D installations. The exhibits tell about important periods and processes in the history of France – from the social crisis in May 1968 and street manifestations to the development of new artistic movements: subrealism, "new figurative realism", neo-pop expressionism. The exhibition will be available until October 20.

Read more about the exhibition "Processes, concepts, situations."

St. Petersburg: concert “Be with the city!”

On August 31, Palace Square will host the events of the social project “Be with the city!”. In the Northern capital, it is held for the fourth year in a row. The project guests are waiting for exhibitions of charitable foundations and volunteer organizations, seminars, master classes and sports relay races. In the evening, famous actors, musicians, and TV hosts will perform at a big concert: finalists of the TNT dances show, performer Therr Maitz, Markscheider Kunst reggae band, Proletarian Tango retro orchestra and others. At the close of the evening, the rock band Spleen will perform on stage, which will perform its hits.

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Read more about the concert “Be with the city!”.

St. Petersburg: exhibition “Boris Lurie. American nonconformist "

An exhibition of works by an American artist of Russian origin Boris Lurie has already opened at the Russian Museum. He was born in 1924 in Leningrad. The Great Patriotic War found his family in Latvia, where his mother was shot, and he ended up in a concentration camp. After his release, Lurie moved to New York and began his creative career. In the 1960s, he created an art movement called NO! Art, which opposed racism and sexism. In the Stroganov Palace, guests will see about 80 works by Boris Lurie: posters, pastel and gouache drawings, wood objects, assemblies – collages with voluminous details in the style of avant-garde and pop art. They convey the artist’s personal attitude to what Lurie experienced in concentration camps.

More about the exhibition “Boris Lurie. American nonconformist. "

St. Petersburg: the play "Chu-ko-ko"

September 1 at the Puppet Theater of the Tale will be the premiere of the play "Chu-ko-ko." The plot is based on the famous work of Korney Chukovsky “Fedorino Gore”. Director Alexander Khromov prepared an unusual reading of this tale. Spectators are waiting for unusual characters and decorations: dolls of various sizes, one of which is assembled from dishes – cups, saucers, pots, pans. The whole scene will be decorated with different bulbs, lanterns, chandeliers and other lighting fixtures. Visitors will also hear how new musical instruments sound, which they invented specifically for this performance.

Read more about the play "Chu-ko-ko".

St. Petersburg: opera Cosi fan tutte

On September 1, the orchestra and choir MusicAeterna will perform on the Capella stage under the direction of virtuoso conductor Theodor Currentzis. The concert in St. Petersburg is their first performance as an independent group. MusicAeterna will perform the two-act opera Cosi fan tutte, known as All Women Do, or the School of Lovers, a work by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, which he wrote in 1790. The premiere was staged by the Perm Opera and Ballet Theater six years ago.

Read more about the opera Cosi fan tutte.

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