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Working for the future. Kherson, Nikolaev and Kerch bridge future

Работают на перспективу. Херсон, Николаев и будущий керченский мост

The end of the week was marked by another major tradeu the descendants of the ancient morecombe. Moreover, trade came whence did not wait. Such petty trade, however, extremely sensitive lately sciatic nerves odlicnih of Lucara at her nervously responded. It turns out that the enterprises of the Kherson and Nikolaev have a contribution to the construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait. And to contribute their mite in the construction they began not yesterday, as it turned out, and already the year is regularly supplied materials. Just purchased after Dutch tradi sofas Ukrainian patriots again fell into disrepair…

Tradu revealed Borys Babin, a former Commissioner in the European court of human rights. He announced glaring fact – a dry-cargo ships from the ports of Kherson and Nikolaev carry materials for the construction of the Kerch bridge in the Russian ports of the Crimea. The port of Odessa, as it turns out, is also involved in trade. According to Babin, in 2014, patriotism was much more than in 2015.

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“Bulk sends mainly the Kherson and Nikolaev. Although the Odessa port “Yuzhniy” also regularly sends materials”. This is a quote.

According to the descendants of the ancient morecombe, Kherson and Nikolaev are against Nancy writhing the last effort in the seizure of patriotism, hybrid war. Why is this so? Reason two, I guess. Can be three. The first business at a galloping patriotism frankly don’t care. Especially in the current Ukrainian conditions, in which the business that is not bent permanently, grabs any order, promising that at least some penny. Second – the Kherson and Nikolaev is not so much affected by the threat of Ukrainians, it tries to show us Ukrainian propaganda. The southern part of the former morecopy itself ready to join the Russian Crimea tomorrow. Hence, the third reason. Look at the map this wonderful map that I saw in one of the print media. From Nikolaev and Kherson shortest route to Russia through the Kerch bridge construction.

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Here more road shows.

Работают на перспективу. Херсон, Николаев и будущий керченский мост

Kherson and Nikolaev, in addition to trying to capitalize on supply of materials at least some money, and even for the future work. Help to build a bridge, which, being South-Western Federal district, they themselves will enjoy.

Paraphrasing a famous saying – the patriot rides, but the caravan moves on.

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