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World of Tanks got a massive update 1.1

World of Tanks получила масштабное обновление 1.1The game added a branch of the Polish tanks.

Wargaming.net released another update for multiplayer arcade tank simulator World of Tanks is number 1.1. The key features of this patch are the new maps “Minsk” and “Studzyanki”, the second season of personal missions, the new combined branch of tanks in Poland and in-game event “battle of the bloggers”.

On assurances of developers, the map “Minsk” recreates the center of the Belarusian capital early 1970s with unprecedented precision. Through the use of technology photosanitary played many small parts, for example, bas-reliefs and capitals of the columns of the buildings. Residents and guests of Minsk with ease learn a circus, Gorky Park, the Svisloch quay, the Opera house and the architectural ensemble of the Victory square.

“Map “Minsk” is a way to visit the capital of Belarus, from the comfort of home. If you like the Minsk, a virtual tour, you can continue real, arriving on September 9 at the holiday “Day of tankmen” in Victory Park, which is located behind the edge of the map”, – said Yuri kuravy, COO of World of Tanks in the CIS.

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Personal combat missions of the campaign a “Second front” was created with the wishes of the players. Their implementation will allow “tanks” to be earned in battle new and free rewards to get a unique armor that is impossible to obtain in any other way: the British tank destroyers Excalibur and Chimera medium tank and heavy tank “Object 279 (R)” on four tracks, which were created to overcome the areas of nuclear strikes. Tasks you can perform in the team of one of the four famous tank of bloggers in the CIS region (Amway921, LeBwa, Jove and Yusha), getting extra points for returning friends to the game. Personal contribution to the “Battle of bloggers” richly rewarded (including games gold, team emblems, inscriptions and styles). Returning players will receive additional prizes and winners – a unique chevrons.

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Branch tanks in Poland consists of light, medium and heavy tanks of the interwar period and world war II. They differ from the “classmates” high one-time damage and thick armor on the upper levels. Cars starting from the fifth level and above based on projects of the era of the Polish people’s Republic and has never been implemented “in metal”.

Together with the Polish tanks in World of Tanks map “Studzyanki”. Location based on the locations of major battles from the Second world war, in which Soviet-Polish group defeated the Panzer divisions of the German corps “Hermann Goering”. The musical theme of the card is built around a Polish folk song “W moim ogródecku” (“In my garden”) performed by the folk rock band Żywiołak.

Check out all the changes and innovations of the World of Tanks patch 1.1 is available on the link.

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