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Zhores Alferov, fraud or achieve?

Жорес Алфёров, махинации или достижения?

Imaginary authority that is imposed on us by a parasitic system, almost always do not represent anything substantial and creative. The same situation with Nobel laureate Zhores Alferov, which on closer examination turns out to be the usual Wheeler-dealer

Жорес Алфёров, махинации или достижения?
Жорес Алфёров, махинации или достижения?

Nobel prize winner, academician Zhores Alferov also loved to tell stories. Not only about Moidodyr with Doolittle, and myself, had committed in the 60s Pody brilliant breakthrough in the field of semiconductor heterostructures. For this work he in 1972 was awarded Lenin prize in 1984 – the USSR State prize, and in 2002 – the State prize of the Russian Federation. Pile up it is worth mentioning the international prize “global energy” in 2005 with a check for a million dollars. However, with the fourth award for the same work out belt. Alferov spat in the image. In the words of Shvydkoi, shits in a notebook.

The bottom line is this. As Chairman of the organizing Committee for the award, known informally as the “Russian Nobel”, Zhores first awarded it to himself. The fact is, of course, outrageous. The enraged President Putin even refused to come to the ceremony. Alferov was justified: “I am not guilty that I have put forward. And could not refuse, so as not to offend colleagues.” A colleague nominated academician unopposed, was Anatoly Chubais. A year Alferov was on the same terms to nominate Chubais.

Didn’t have time to wash your other hand. Alferov flooded from the organizing Committee, in which he saw artful “intrigues of the Kremlin.” In General, not pimp out. Chubais was choking with anger, and the baby Hippo grabbed his belly and laughed, poured, so that the wall ran shook. Otsmeyavshis, came to the conclusion that the best way to foresee what will be – to remember what it was. Just in case to refresh your memory the fact that the name of the mother academician – Rosenblum, though it is not sewn Mare’s tail. Not our people’s cause. The prototype of the legendary James bond’s name was Solomon Rosenblum, but this did not prevent him to become a favorite literary hero of Queen Elizabeth II.

And there forgotten the name of the mother, and what is the prize “global energy”, even if the Nobel Alferov was awarded for the discovery made by a group of scientists in the mid-60 pods, when he was in a cushy position as a Secretary of the party Committee of the Institute of physics and technology and was a member of the Bureau of the Leningrad city Committee of the CPSU, with a vague idea of semiconductor heterostructures. Involved in the future of the academic education of the staff of the Institute in the spirit of devotion to the cause of the party, dismantled personal dossiers on dissidents technicians, etc.

However oriented correctly. With the purpose of giving greater weight to ideological scientific research young colleagues has identified himself as the leader of the group involved in unique development – the creation of fast opto – and microelectronic components laser generator. It is in this region and was made a remarkable discovery by scientists Garbuzova, Tretyakov, Andreev, Kazarinov and a Tailor. The sixth side pripek became Secretary of the party Committee Zhores Alferov. Thirty-odd years later, he went alone to Stockholm for the prestigious world title. Garbuzov, Tretyakov Andreev and subsequently received the state prize of the Russian Federation, one in three. Kazarinov and Taylor got nothing: someone all, someone all the rest.

To Alferov was fit to buy a wheelbarrow to haul it sypathies from all sides of the awards. In 1995 he became the Deputy of the state Duma from movement “Our house – Russia”. Realizing the futility of it and remembering the party the biography, in the next convocation was included in the Duma from the Communist party. While well aware that the revolution about which so many Bolsheviks said, once it was done. In vain Zyuganov, blasting splashing saliva on the red bow, waiting for her with posters in the hands of others – a bright future is already divided: into spheres of influence, and the life went a little Marx. However, it didn’t matter – in the Duma, Alferov was elected for the sole purpose to restore the prosecutors ‘ sense of social justice: not to be under investigation, it is necessary to remove the cause.
It’s a shame academician: to what brought Putin’s Russia, even the snow decided it was time to go.

The caretaker of the Grand Duke

In 2005 Zhores Ivanovich was forced to leave the post of Director, FTI im. A. F. Ioffe in connection with achievement of age limit – 75 years. For Commerce possessed by the superintendent, administrator and Vice-President of RAS, in charge of academic property – property plots of land, expensive equipment, and the unspoken right to appoint themselves the scientific Director of advanced development – the resignation of the threatened disaster, the collapse of the family business projects.

The first victim met his son Ivan, owner of a chain of luxury restaurants and cultural and entertainment under the roof of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Particularly prestigious was considered a fine-dining restaurant in the Palace of Grand Prince Vladimir on the Palace embankment, 26, St. Petersburg took the lads under the guise of public signage “House of scientists”. Can understand: scientists – light and ignorance – the bunk in the Crosses.

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To build a political career of his son-Ballin ‘ the Zhores failed. Daddy SIC under hard pressure from the academician agreed to include 35-year-old parasite in the party’s electoral list for Irkutsk, but for his election, as expected, swept. Similarly, a few years later drove himself Alferov, set in 2013, his candidature for the post of President of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It is not necessary to delve into the “swamp” the details of how in 2010 he tried to nominate a single candidate for President from the right and left opposition. The electorate clearly expressed their attitude to the “crucial” liberal project, using the style of “Dr. Dolittle”: “the shark Karakula Us uneasy, we shark Karakolu – with a brick!”.

Teen fabulous situation in the ranks of the Communist party faction supporting Alferov in any confrontation with the Kremlin, thoroughly confused. Became completely unclear who’s predatory shark, and who – the seventh water to jelly on legendary scout-playboy Solomon Rosenblum?

Zhores Alferov, quite possibly, have a distant relative of the prototype for James bond, but a shark? He is the Creator, the scientist, author of over five hundred scientific papers written by academic workers, and fifty of someone else’s inventions. And how it works! Bitter certainly admired. Because at least, that he is the only one of the five hundred academics decided to set up under itself a scientific holding company, which included four academic institutions, including the St. Petersburg Institute, where it is not easily evicted. President personal holding company, of course, was elected the academician Alferov. As a result of simple combinations of financial and administrative power over the same Institute again in the hands of the ardent reformer, promises to move basic science to new global challenges.

She’s not moved, this poor science. Disappeared research logistics capacity. Expensive equipment in the laboratories of the Institute is no longer standing. Alferov reasoned wisely: if any reforms and hands, the state will leave this institution for themselves, to privatize it will not be possible, hence reasonable had the idea, suggested by thieves of experience Chubais: withdraw from balance. the most valuable scientific equipment worth millions of dollars, and in the framework of the holding company to transfer the balance of the structure, which can then be legitimate to privatize.

Like “nanotechnology” in which visible and tangible assets are intangible and invisible, Chubais has successfully mastered the state Corporation “RUSNANO”, the defense Minister Serdyukov in the “Oboronservis”, and billionaire Vekselberg – in the innovation center “SKOLKOVO”. The principle is the same: to whom all and who – all else.

Active supporter of the market redistribution of property of RAS Zhores Alferov became a fierce opponent of the reforms endorsed by Putin and backed by both chambers of the Federal Assembly. “Join hands, friends! The defeat is unacceptable!” – appealed to all sharks imaginary “Academservice” At the September protest rally in St. Petersburg.
In vain the IOC in the rain group of elderly support from the Communist party, the liberal duremara in vain from the party “Yabloko” shouting into a megaphone that the only living in Russia physicists debelianov is on a par with such prominent personalities who embody the conscience of the people, as academician Sakharov, academician Likhachev and three honorary academician of Solzhenitsyn, Zhores Alferov determining the last spot on the roster conscientious pillars.
27 September 2013, President Putin signed a decree on the reform of the RAS. After its entry into force will start the “ice age” for the 83-year-old owner of conscience of the people, No. 4 – public audit of all property of the Russian Academy of Sciences, including the most prestigious scientific institution under the name of “restaurant of the Grand Prince of Vladimir.”

The comment is irrelevant

Noisy, but very few people noticed the scandal took place in PTI. Most of his employees, who wanted despite everything to carry out scientific work, expressed a vote of no confidence Zhores Alferov. The Director of Institute Andrey Makarov tried to prevent the withdrawal of valuable scientific equipment and turned with a desperate letter to nowhere: “Alferov is committed to cut off from Institute their laboratories with expensive equipment and along with financial flows translate into your center, trying to lead the Institute in a different capacity. He has access to all instances, but it does not help us, and damages. The team is outraged and expresses no confidence in the academician Alferov as a useless supervisor, only concerned about their own well-being. He got his. And what can we do?..”

As it turned out, researchers destitute. nothing. And no place to appeal. Because Alferov “well received in all instances”. However, officials of those authorities are now in some disarray. 16 Sep 2013 the Moscow weekly “Nasha versiya” published on a double page article titled “Skeletons” academician”. Is it a snippet: “the Title of Nobel laureate Alferov became not only the “totem untouchable”, but also allows him to brazenly speak on behalf of the entire scientific community, whose opinion is not interested. During the long years of his career Zhores Alferov learned very skillfully to use politics and politicians for their own purposes”.
None of the “skeletons” of academician still not dropped from the Cabinet on the head of the Russian prosecutors. Shy the conscience of the people No. 4, too, is silent.

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Honorable Push-Pull

In 2004, before the suburb started to create a personal “scientific holding”, there was a story. Scientific centre of RAS and MIPT under the control of the laureate of various prizes, belonged to two of the adjacent land – on the Avenue Maurice Thorez and on the street Jacques Duclos. There is a large Park, and that’s nobelian wished to build an elite residential complex with underground Parking. And even found investors for realization of profitable project.
Now recall that it was exactly five years before. Academic Push-Pull, having heard about the bad intention of people to build up the parkland, kindled with noble anger: “the Development will lead to the destruction remaining from the last century grove, where trees of valuable species. For 30 years the residents of the surrounding grove homes are constantly planting new trees… and from a moral point of view to build one house, worsening living conditions for the inhabitants of a number of other houses, is hardly a reasonable solution.”
Thanks to his connections Alferov was able to push up the bad project into a pit of nothingness. But as it turned out, only to five years to pull it and try to implement in their own interests. Such is the Push-Pull. This is not the last time the honorary caretaker of the RAS acted as thieves developer, able to pull a project like the blanket, or to push a competitor into the abyss of lost dreams. In 2008, academician planned to build luxury housing in the area between the 1st and 2nd lines of Vasilievsky island, the Small and Medium avenues and the waterfront Makarova. To implement the project again failed due to strong objections from residents. Everything that I have found to build a profitable at home intended to place the surviving Foundation of the chemical laboratory of Mikhail Lomonosov, where it was planned to create a Museum and was dedicated real 71 million rubles. Who dedicated – no question. Of course, the research center headed by reputable and noble Zhores Ivanovich.
The result: housing “Nobel of the developer” to build did not, as mass protests have scared investors, but also to the creation Museum is also not started. And the money from the budget somehow were dissolved in market fog Vasilievsky island. It’s possible that was spent on buying a “Bentley” manual assemblage for the son of the Push-Pushing – Ivan Alferov, still the outstanding researcher of the St. Petersburg Physical-technical Institute.
Now even the elderly janitor of the Institute, Nikolai Wrangel, it became clear that the academician Alferov much more have administrative, opportunistic talent greedy entrepreneur, rather than the selfless desire of the scholar to bright discoveries. By these discoveries it, of course, also did not pass, because for him it is like a spoon by mouth to get it in. But still, still… ‘ 83. It’s time to think about eternity, it’s time to look back at the path, and something to bequeath to their loved ones, in addition to accounts in offshore banks. What bequeath if almost the whole track list of his accomplishments is such a shame that even cute Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky would burst into a glow of shame, standing by the furnaces of the crematorium, where burned remnants of conscience. And then I would write a dirty story in verse: “the Anarchist Push-Pull snagged my tights. Oh, that l was taught by Mr. Kropotkin?..” And certainly would have used ditty Rina Green 1922: “There are galoshes I have handy for the summer. And honestly to say, I don’t have it…”
Galoshes let them remain on the conscience of Totosi, as well as someone’s tights. Little things like academician not interested, but the idea with regards to domestic kleptocracy pecked in the top of the head as the Golden Cockerel king Dadon. The most urgent topic. On the sidelines of the Academy of Sciences have long said that many institutions have become freestuff base for the companies-tenants. Particularly noticeable has excelled in the commercial field of physics and technology. Tenants there not Only occupy space of the Institute, but also conduct their research using scientific equipment, is not burdened with any costs in addition to the regular drift of the envelopes in the right room.

Private business flourished at the public expense. Academic science was in a state of heavy alcoholic bewilderment. Fortunately the alcohol was free.

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